Catlin Properties successfully manages nearly 700 doors and specializes in houses, apartments, duplexes and commercial properties.

Property Management Services by Catlin Properties
Property management is a secure way for any owner who does not have the time, knowledge, or capability needed for daily management of residential real estate properties. As a full-service property management company, Catlin Properties can help you by:

  • Advertising and marketing your rental property using all the modern methods available to us.
  • Filling vacancies with the best possible tenant for you and your property.
  • Helping you set the rent amount with our up-to-date knowledge of current market rents.
  • Maintaining your rental property in the best possible condition.
  • Offering a full-service maintenance department that is available after normal business hours for emergency after hours calls through our automated phone system.
  • Using local contractors and vendors to maintain your property in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Keeping records of all income and expenses for the property providing monthly statements of cash flow and expenses.
  • Signing tenants in a professional, no-nonsense environment, and explaining expectations in detail.
  • Doing occupied inspections to make sure the tenant is following all conditions in their lease and not causing damage to your property.

If you live out-of-state, working with a property management company is the safe way to protect your investment. When you do not live locally, it is not always the easiest to maintain a rental property. By using Catlin Properties, you ensure problems or potential problems will be found prior to them becoming a major issue, saving you both time and money.

Once properties are shown, feedback from potential tenants is kept and relayed back to the owner so any adjustments can be made. Our goal is to rent your property as quickly as possible to the best possible tenant. Your rental property will be advertised on,,,,,,, our website,, and in our office on our daily hot sheets.

Rental Agreements
Our Rental Agreements are designed to protect your investments and you. Keeping on top of the latest local, state and federal property and tenant law guarantees that our leases and practices stay compliant with the Fair Housing statutes, protecting you from the expense.

We collect and process all rent from tenants. Rent is due on the first and late on the 6th. We strictly enforce an on-time rent payment policy with notices posted every month as required by law and out-lease if arrangements have not been made.

Screening Process
Tenants are screened for credit history (timeliness of payments), criminal history (No felonies allowed), public record (No evictions allowed) and history of tenancy, if available. You can read our application process and see our disqualifications and guidelines under the tenant information tab.

We require tenants deposits are, at minimum, equal to one month’s rent to ensure tenants have complied with all terms of their rental agreement. All security deposits are kept in a pooled security deposit trust account as required by law until the tenant has vacated and all make-ready cost or repairs have been completed.

Owners do not have to allow pets, unless a companion animal with proper paperwork signed by a physician has been presented by the tenant. If tenants have pets and it is owner approved, an additional deposit will be required. All pets will have been verified by our property manager. At a minimum, we will not allow any of the first five dog breeds that are listed on the dangerous breed list per The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

We schedule occupied inspections with tenants towards the end of their lease. This inspection is to make sure that there are no unauthorized pets or tenants and make sure that the property is being maintained following the guidelines agreed to in the rental agreement. Additional inspections requested by the owner are charged at a flat rate of $50 per inspection.

Catlin Properties is proud to offer their in-house maintenance department which handles day to day and emergency repairs. We offer this service to our owners so we are able to get the repairs done at a more cost effective price, quality work, faster and with the least impact to your tenant.

We understand the importance of getting the property ready to rent in a timely manner, making sure the work is done right the first time. Our goal is to offer quality homes, and at the same time to protect the owner’s investment while respecting their budget.

We only hire skilled vendors that are licensed and bonded to do specialty work.

Catlin Properties has a full-service maintenance department. Tenants have the option to submit an online maintenance request form, call our office, or use our 24-hour emergency phone service if they have an issue outside of our normal business hours.

The Maintenance Department is in contact with owners about repairs and the needs of the property to make sure that the property is maintained to their standards.

If you are going to be doing your own maintenance we have a list of standards in our office.

Management Fees
Management Fees will depend on how many units you have, location, rent range, condition and the level of owner’s experience. Please contact us for your rental analysis and management consultation during our normal business hours.